What is Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

The brain plays a big role in weight loss-bigger than you might think. People who haven't tried a weight loss program rarely understand this, and you've probably heard:

"If someone is overweight it's their own fault."
"How hard can it be to get in shape? Just stop eating and start exercising."

In fact, many who struggle with weight management have done both... only to discover that these alone were not the solution.

Knowing Is Half the Battle... Or Is It?

While it's important to pinpoint the factors in weight gain, and to unearth the reasons previous weight loss attempts have failed, it only gets you so far. If knowing is half the battle, it's definitely the easier half. In fact, most of us already have an idea of what's holding us back. We just don't know how to change it.

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Talk therapy has become an increasingly popular way for individuals to change their mindset and take control of their weight. Of all the talk therapy methods, hypnosis has recently taken center stage. Hypnosis - or hypnotherapy - is a treatment technique used by weight loss clinics and health practitioners alike, because it has proved to be extremely effective. With weight loss hypnosis, the results often occur quicker and last longer than psychoanalysis and computer-based therapy.

So What Exactly Is This Mysterious Tool for Change?

Hypnosis is a unique approach because its focus is more on the positive than negative. While most methods of psychoanalysis dig up the reasons underlying your weight challenge, hypnosis bypasses and replaces those obstacles, creating a direct, rapid path to weight loss.

Hypnosis has the ability to rewrite the thoughts and behaviors going on in your mind, both consciously and unconsciously. Here's how:

Hypnosis uses repetition and reinforcement

Weight loss hypnotherapy sessions usually consist of 20-30 minutes of guided meditation, repeated each day. Believe it or not, 30 consecutive days is all the brain needs to fully adopt a new habit or thought pattern. The brain absorbs everything it sees and hears, often through multiple levels of awareness. When we hear something, it usually goes into a short-term memory "waiting room." With repetition, this short-term data gradually becomes a permanent stamp on our minds, resulting in a new belief or habit.

A typical hypnosis program involves a series of stages. After one month of your first stage, you'll move onto the next. Instead of forgetting the feelings and ideas you got from early sessions, they are woven into each new stage of the program. The brain responds amazingly to this type of reinforcement.

Hypnosis creates relaxed receptivity

A hypnotherapist has the ability, either in person or on a CD, to create a conversation channel with your deeper levels of consciousness. Words are woven together to soothe and ground your thoughts, putting your mind in a receptive state and wiping out external distractions. At the same time, these words go deeper, bypassing internal distractions like procrastination, guilt, indulgence and low self-confidence.

Because it's so powerful, listeners must fully engage with their session. No multitasking here! In our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, our brains are overloaded and it's hard to bring in new ideas. Hypnotherapy helps create a clear, positive space in which to fully understand and embrace our desired lifestyle and goals.

Many even listen to hypnosis CDs at night before they go to bed. As they drift off to sleep, the brain continues to process the messages it is receiving on a subconscious level. Yes, you can actually condition your brain to work toward your weight loss goals while you're sleeping!

Weight Loss and Your Mind

We've often seen the iceberg picture used to represent the complexity of the human mind. Most of our thoughts and habits take shape below the surface, out of sight.

Knowing that, think about all the forces pulling the strings in your weight management efforts. Maybe you can consciously change 10% of them, but what about the other 90%?

Anyone who has embarked on a weight loss program will testify that it isn't easy. In fact, it's often much harder than we thought it would be. We get discouraged, stop and start, try one program after the next, or get tired and give up altogether-all because something was missing from our approach.

Listen Your Way to Success

The only way to be successful with weight loss and fitness long-term is to get down below the surface of our minds, where the biggest obstacles are lurking. You can see why weight loss hypnosis, one of the few approaches that creates change on a subconscious level, is so powerful.

And hypnosis isn't just for weight loss. You can use it for fitness and nutrition goals, to improve self-confidence or time management, even to prepare for a new career challenge. It's amazing what we can accomplish with a little more positivity!


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