Fat Loss Diets Contribute to Menopause Weight Gain - The Great Instant Weight Loss Hoax

Some fat loss diets (aka fad diets) only contribute to menopause weight gain.

Pre menopause is a transitional time for women when the most important lifestyle changes should be with an eye towards achieving hormonal balance. Some of these instant weight loss and quickie fat loss diets only serve to create hormone havoc instead.

There are entire weight loss sites devoted to promoting unhealthy fat loss diets and extreme 3, 5, 10 (or whatever) day instant weight loss diets that will only serve to destroy your metabolism and make you fatter...especially as you move from pre menopause towards menopause.

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Complete with flashy banners, snappy tools and instant calculators to keep you entertained, they will either dazzle you with their Vegas-like attractions or baffle you with their (fill in the appropriate word) and ultimately leave you more confused than ever. Not to mention a little lighter in the wallet.

Their information can be vague, incomplete and in some cases may even be harmful!

Unfortunately, the focus is more on selling the next "instant weight loss fix" to their unsuspecting readers, rather than to educate them and provide them with the tools and knowledge they can use indefinitely.

Talk about getting lost in the shuffle....yikes!

Unfortunately in today's world of information overload, many fat loss diets and the websites used to promote them have become nothing more than flashy, high end, giant e-commerce machines filled with paid advertisements and promotions and quite indifferent to the needs of its readers.

When you're big, it's easy to become comfortable and complacent.

You've probably figured out by now that you may have to lose some weight - no kidding - you wouldn't be reading about losing belly fat or fat loss if weight wasn't a concern to you.

You need a weight loss diet plan that will work for you and that is (preferably) put together by someone who has "walked their talk" - not magazine article writers and copy writers who research their subject then offer up nothing more than rehashed sales copy.

You also need both a diet and an exercise plan that is versatile enough to fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around. Many of these instant weight loss diets attempt to sell you on the idea of 'no pain, no pain'.

The only 'gain' you'll likely ever see from this type of approach will be the extra belly fat that will accumulate around your waistline once you go off their instant weight loss diet plan...which you likely will.

Your body will then react by instantly going into fat storage mode so that should you decide to deprive it of its energy source again in the future, it will be able to survive the famine and maintain balance.

As that famous TV detective says, "Just the facts, ma'am...."

A healthy weight loss diet is not always the biggest, the busiest and the noisiest in terms of promotion. In fact, quite the contrary.

The most effective fat loss diets are often put together by people who are experts in their field and have both the knowledge and the passion to present their ideas in a way that easily transcends to its audience. They are never promoted as 'instant weight loss', but instead aim to educate their readers and encourage changes in dietary and lifestyle habits that are sustainable long term.

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