5 Reasons You Don't Want to Use a Weight Loss Shake to Lose Weight

One of the hottest trends in the last few years in the weight loss industry has been the introduction of weight loss shakes that are supposed to help you lose weight, all while providing great nutrition in a liquid form.

And every day there seems to be another weight loss shake popping up on the horizon that promises to be better than the last. Each one makes different claims as to how they can help you lose weight and presents a laundry list of vitamins and nutrients that they provide.

Now, I'm sure you're interested in finding out more about these shakes, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this article!

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But just because weight loss shakes are hot and in the news doesn't mean that you should just jump right in and start using them. Here's a few reasons why you might NOT want to start using these shakes in your weight loss program.

Reason #1 - Don't use a shake if you're happy being overweight. Seriously, if you're happy being stuck where you are right now with your weight, avoid these shakes like the plague. They provide far too healthy of a solution to your weight problem and if you want to stay where you are, don't drink one. You might actually start to lose weight if you substitute a shake for a meal. Then again, maybe you really do want to lose some weight after all...

Reason #2 - Don't use a shake if you're satisfied with being unhealthy. I know, you just want to keep on eating your processed, unhealthy foods that you buy in those boxes from some other weight loss company. Do you really believe that a meal that's been stored in a box and frozen can be all that good for you? If you're ready to get healthier, try a weight loss shake. You'll like the outcome.

Reason #3 - Don't use a weight loss shake if you don't like pumping your body full of nutrients. Look, modern weight loss shakes provide many nutrients, much more than what you would get by just eating food. If you don't want to get more nutrients in your body, don't use these shakes. If you do, you're on the right track.

Reason #4 - Don't use a shake if you can't stand to feel good after eating a meal. Do you ever get that bloated feeling after you've eaten? I know I have. But, I've never got that feeling from drinking a shake. If you really do enjoy that feeling, don't drink a shake. If you're like me and can't stand it, it may be time to try something different.

Reason #5 - Don't use a shake if you don't want to increase muscle and burn fat. Most shakes provide a large amount of protein, much more than you'd get in a regular, healthy meal. Sure, you could go out and eat a dozen eggs or so, but how healthy is that? But if you don't want to give up your eggs, I understand. Just keep pushing forward. Just know you're getting a lot of fat right along with them. Switch to a shake if you want the protein without the fat.

I'm sure you can see by now that there really aren't any good reasons to NOT use a weight loss shake in your weight loss program. If you find a good shake mix, it can be the kick-start that you need to really get things moving and start losing weight.

Make sure you find a shake that tastes great, provides incredible amounts of nutrients, lots of protein, and you'll find that losing weight doesn't have to be as hard as you thought it once was. With a couple of shakes a day plus healthy snacks and meals, you're sure to be on your way to achieving your weight loss goal.

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