Weight Loss Surgery: What You Need to Know

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Weight loss surgery has higher success rate than any other weight loss programs. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the process.


-Rapid weight loss

-Improved health due to change in eating habits

-Reduced health problems (such as heart problems, diabetes) due to losing weight

-Makes you more confident and energetic

-Makes you more happy

-Increases lifespan


-Risks involved in the surgery such as dehydration, bleeding, cardiac problems, bowel obstructions, etc (depending on the type of procedure you will take)



-Uncomfortable (during the surgery)

Changing your lifestyle will help in prolonging the effect of the weight loss surgery. Here are some tips that you may do once you've undergone a weight loss surgery.

-Follow a diet plan and take food supplements. Since your body is now designed to take lesser food, you have to make necessary adjustments to your meals as well. Chew your food very well. Then, take food supplements everyday to compensate the vitamins and minerals that your body may not be able to take because of the reduced food intake.

-Resolve emotional problems. Scrap the idea about your old self. Love yourself and be happy. Don't think that losing weight can be done overnight. It will take a lot of time and discipline to achieve the desired weight. Have patience and you should see a beautiful new you in the long-run.

-Take regular exercise. The good effects of exercising are a known fact. It would help you in having the long term effect of the weight loss surgery. Moreover, a person can easily adapt to the new lifestyle if he first condition his body.

-Join support groups. It would be more encouraging if you are surrounded by people who understand you. Your family would be your first support group. It is important that they are informed of your goals so that they can easily guide or help you in achieving them.

Then you can also join weight loss groups in your community where you can get inspiration from. You will meet people who had the same problem that you are experiencing right now and are willing to lend a helping hand.

Remember, that seeking professional help is recommended so that you can get accurate information before even deciding to undergo any weight loss surgery.

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